Titan Sports Management Provides


Contract Negotiations

We negotiate contracts for all skilled hockey players, from junior to the professional levels in both North America and in Europe. Our negotiations cover a large number of areas including:

  • Salary Arbitration
  • Provide current CBA rights and information
  • Working with Drafted Players
  • Restricted and Unrestricted Free Agents
  • Negotiating Tryout Agreements
  • European Contracts
Direct Player/Agent Cooperation

Direct Player/Agent Cooperation

With offices located in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Dallas, and Europe, it is easy for us to travel and watch our clients play on a regular basis, which is a definite priority in assessing the worth and ability of each player. In addition, our background at all levels of hockey can help assist our client’s development. Through this assessment, we can see where our client’s rate in comparison with other players competing for positions at the same level. Being readily available for our clients and knowing them individually, and as a player, assists us in promoting our clients to NHL teams, scouting bureaus and other professional organizations.


Marketing and Endorsements

At Titan we know that the maximum earning potential for a professional athlete can be a very short period of time. Therefore we feel it is essential to maximize the earning potential of endorsements and work hard on our clients’ behalf. We know there are a variety of local, regional, and national endorsement opportunities for products, services and organizations.

We believe by enhancing a player’s image through marketing and community involvement, that he becomes more apt to receive endorsement deals. As a result, we take into account our clients needs and interests in order to decide which opportunity would be in their best interest to pursue.


Financial Services

Titan Sports Management feels that it is vital for our clients to become educated in their finances and to know where their money is and what it is doing. To accomplish this objective, we have retained the services of a select few financial advisors who we know will work for our client’s every need and instruct them on the financial aspects of their careers. At Titan, we help assist in the learning process of investing and make sure that our client’s particular financial plan is developed and maintained.


Tax Planning and Management Services

In association with our financial service professionals, we employ some of the best people available to assist in our client’s tax matters. Taxes can be a very complex part of the business, as many players have to deal with cross-border tax laws while playing or residing in Canada, the United States, or Europe. This is why we have sought individuals with the expertise in the accounting field that specialize the professional athletes’ taxes and providing them with tax shelters when available.



We have a disability insurance policy that insures our clients in the case of permanent disability or injury while playing in their athletic careers. The coverage and services differ for each individual client and their needs. We know that in any professional sport, especially a full contact sport like hockey, individuals face high-risk situations every time they step out on the ice.


Development of Training Programs

Development is something we take very seriously at Titan Sports Management. We believe players are constantly evolving and developing at every level. We make sure that we are up to speed on the latest training techniques that have been proven by the pros. We also make sure clients have individualize programs for summer and in-season training. Details regarding our Titan Sports Management development camp are covered in the Player Development Section.


Public Relations

For professional athletes in today’s world, it is important to be able to feel comfortable when speaking to the media. The marketability of any athlete is enhanced by his/her ability to speak in public and we try to assist our clients in any and every possible way in this area. We work with our clients individually and also have a public relations consultant in place to help our client’s needs.


Post Career Planning

Once a player’s career is over it is often a difficult transition for many athletes to make, especially life after hockey. At Titan Sports Management, we try to help athletes in planning ahead by presenting options for post professional careers both inside and away from the game. We will continue to work with our clients even after their professional careers are over.