about_niedTitan Sports Management values, beliefs, philosophies, and principles:

  • We cater to the needs of the client and their families, through unconditional personalized service throughout the career of each player.
  • We help ensure the wellbeing of each athlete through the developmental stages of their career, through initiating direct contact on a regular basis. Titan Sports Management is available at any time when it comes to serving the needs of our clients.
  • We will provide the best possible contract negotiations for our clients, therefore maximizing their earning potential.
  • We help clients reach their goals through on and off-ice training by developing programs that cater to the physical needs of each player.
  • We work hard to obtain the best possible endorsement contracts for our clients.
  • We help educate our clients on the financial possibilities that exist to help them achieve security in the present and future.
  • We provide important disability insurance to ensure financial security in the case of a career ending injury.
  • We provide access to professional specialists in tax, law, accounting, and marketing.
  • We work to help prepare clients for a career after their playing career has ended.
  • We help prepare our clients in dealing with the media, social media, etc.

Titan Sports Management encourages our clients to get involved in the community to generate a positive image and to become better citizens. We help promote and create charity events and raise awareness to important causes.